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Positive, Safe & Humane Dog Training Online & In Person 

We help pet parents train using kind and positive methods so that they can bring out the best in their dog and have an amazing relationship built on trust and joy.

FREE: Stop the Jumping! Top 5 ways to stop the jumps

Experience the power and joy of positive reinforcement dog training! 

With over 2 decades of experience, Get Pawsitive Dog Training’s certified professional dog trainers use only the most up to date methods that are fun, effective and humane. Whether in person or online we make training enjoyable and know you and your dog will love it too!

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Imagine what it's going to be like when...

Your dog walks with you without dragging you down the street

Your puppy calmly settles and your house goes back to normal when friends visit

You can speak your dog’s language and understand the reasons behind all that barking at nothing

Work With Us

Work With Us
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Online Dog Training

Choose from virtual private coaching, monthly support groups or self-study options.

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Private Dog Training

Private in-home services, one on one coaching and board and training for all ages.

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Group Dog Training

Get started locally with your new puppy or dog in one of our training classes.

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We make training fun through effective and positive, science-based methods and believe that there is no need for the use of pain, fear, or force. As a result, you can feel confident your dog will listen and behave and your training results will last.


Whether in person, over the phone or online our certified trainers will help guide you through the overwhelm to feeling calm and relaxed so that you can enjoy your new puppy or rescue dog. Grab the tools you’ll use for a lifetime to meet all the challenges of raising a happy and healthy puppy while enriching their life.



Positive Training Enthusiast

Unlike most, I don’t focus on the symptoms and instead, help you to better understand why the barking, digging, jumping or lunging is happening in the first place. For me, it goes deeper than just training sit, down, or stay with your dog. Training you and your dog is about allowing choices to be made, providing clear expectations, and creating a lasting connection.


As a result, you will inevitably move forward on a path that will ensure you are bringing out the very best in your dog (or any pet!) - all through the use of positive training methods, backed by science.

sarah surrit owner of get pawistive dog training

“We have gone from feeling overwhelmed, to calm and relaxed and enjoying our puppy because we now have good tools to meet all the challenges of raising a happy and healthy puppy.”

- Susan S.

Grab our FREE Dog Training Guides
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FREE Ultimate Puppy Guide

Take The Guesswork out of preparing for your new puppy!

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Top 25 Teaching Toys for Your Dog

Want a smarter, calmer and more relaxed dog?

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Top 5 Ways to Stop the Jumping

Tired of the jumping?
Implement These Top 5 Tips Today

Making a Difference in the Lives of Shelter Dogs
Dog Lover
Happy Clients (and dogs)
Dog Running

Sarah was so wonderful and sensitive to my dog's triggers and fears. She turned my dog who was feral in Mexico for years into a confident house pet in no time! Sarah does a wonderful job at explaining exactly how to communicate with your dog efficiently and exactly what we are teaching our dogs to do in a controlled environment will translate into scenarios at home and on walks. With my personal dog, who had never worn a collar or walked on grass before at the age of 4 yrs old, Sarah had her sitting in a matter of minutes. After a few short weeks, I had a wonderful dog that would pay attention to me and she is always checking in with me to see what I want her to do. 

Ada H, Group Class Student


Sarah has been a wealth of knowledge with our two 9 week old mini Goldendoodle’s! She came to our home and did an initial consult and helped us get on track with potty and crate training! She also hooked us up with the ultimate Puppy Checklist to ensure we were ready when they got here. Get pawsitive has been a life saver when it comes to training our puppies both in home and in class.  After our puppy class we feel confident in our abilities to continue training our puppies as they grow.

Tony & Kristy de Calonne, Lily & Rose

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