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Group Dog Training Classes

Get Pawsitive offers a variety of in person group puppy and dog training classes, taught by our loving certified trainers in Encinitas, San Diego. We use a positive approach to problem-solving, prevention, and training, all without the use of force.

golden retrievers sitting on dog beds

What Your Pup Will Learn:

From helping your new puppy with training and socialization skills, to teaching your rescue dog basic manners, to even working towards becoming a certified therapy dog team or receiving your AKC Canine Good Citizen, we can help!

Location: Encinitas, CA

Rancho Coastal Humane Society

389 Requeza St.

Encinitas, CA 92024

Great resource for our puppies!

Sarah helped us prepare prior to their arrival (training and stuff we would need). Puppy Kinder with Pilar was very helpful for us and helped us be better pet owners. Having puppies is harder than we remembered and there were many times we didn’t know if we could do it but the training helped empower us and stimulate/challenge the pups. Highly suggest this training program, organization, Sarah and her team.

Nesia Moradian, Puppy Class Graduate


Classes are ongoing (with exceptions) and based on age so that you can start at any time-pending spaces available. Classes are held consecutively in our sanitized private outdoor training classroom in Encinitas. Due to the high demand, there are no make-ups offered at this time. We prefer to give clients and pups as much attention as possible while keeping the experience positive so we keep our classes to four to five pups max.  

We do not provide refunds less than 72 hours for group classes once you have paid to secure a spot in a class. If you have any difficulties registering or have any questions, please contact us by email at or by phone at 858-336-3590


Puppy Training Classes


All dogs must be in good health and current on vaccines. We encourage puppies to begin training right away and those under 16 weeks of age must show proof of first round of shots and a clean bill of health. Read more about the importance of early puppy socialization here. Our insurance does not allow the use of prong collars, choke chains, or e-collars (shock, vibrate, stim).

bermese mountain dog puppy

Puppy Socials & Outings

10 weeks - 6 months

$40 per pup per class

Come Play with us! We want to make it easy for you to check the socialization box off for your puppy!  

We provide puppies a safe,  controlled environment to play and learn how to appropriately interact with other puppies their age.  


You'll also learn:  

  • What socialization for puppies really is

  • Safe and appropriate play 

  • The importance of teaching puppies to be calm around others

  • What to do when things go south

  • Safety tips 

  • Best things for your pup to explore


Puppy Socials are a fabulous complement to our Puppy Training Classes!

Or join us for one of our training outings on location for safe and controlled puppy socialization with other puppies in his age range. Places include spots like: cafes, home depot, parks, and more. Your puppy can have some fun exploring new places & objects while meeting new canine and human (instructors) friends and experiencing new sights, sounds, and smells.

WHEN: Saturdays 9:00 or 10:30.  (60 min each)

WHERE: Training yard / Outings Vary

This is not daycare. Pet Parents should plan to come to learn with puppy.

puppy in ball pit

Pawsitive Puppy Preschool

8 weeks - 16 weeks

$200 - 5 week class

Is there a new family member in town!? This is the class for you if you’re raising a new puppy! The first several months of a puppy’s life are the most ideal time to socialize him and will help him grow into a perfect family member by setting up a good foundation from the start.


We’ll show you how to build a connection and relationship with your new pup, with a positive training approach, while tackling all of those common puppy behaviors that you really don’t want - nipping, chewing inappropriate things, potty issues, stealing items, digging and jumping.


From focusing and listening, to calmly relaxing on his Magic Mat, you’ll become a great team as you teach your pup what you WANT.  Plus, you get top tips and tricks for managing excess energy and naughty behaviors through appropriate enrichment activities. Puppy Preschool includes the all-important playtime too. Puppies are matched by size and personality so that every pup has a safe and positive experience. This program has a three-pronged approach: Training, Exploration and Socialization.

BONUS:  Add-on private orientation - add on during registration and save!

puppy sitting on mat

Puppy Kinder Level 1

16 weeks - 7 months

$195 - 5 week class

Did you just adopt a new pup? Looking to raise the perfect puppy? Want to reach your training goals faster with less stress? Worried your puppy isn’t getting the socialization it needs? Join our kindergarten class for older puppies to jump-start your dog’s training and confidence around other dogs. Let us make sure your puppy has great experiences with other dogs and people while learning in a safe, fun and controlled environment.


Class includes focus on leash walking, coming when called, attention and focus to handler, calm greetings, sitting, social time when appropriate, training tips and discussion of common young puppy issues. This class is a great next step for the Puppy Preschool graduate.

BONUS:  Add-on private orientation - add on during registration and save!

puppy on leash sitting in the grass

Puppy Kinder Level 2

16 weeks - 7 months

$195 - 5 week class

Training is an ongoing adventure! Keep up the good work by leveling up where we take all the concepts and skills you've learned in Puppy Kinder 1 and add to them to build on your success.


The Get Pawsitive training team shows you how to use predictable pattern games to stop the pulling on leash while distractions are present.  You get more top tips and tricks for managing excess energy and naughty behaviors through appropriate enrichment activities.  You'll learn how to teach your dog to move to and station on his Magic Mat on cue. Great for visitors at the front door!  Learn how to teach your dog to greet another person with calmness, ease and confidence.  You’ll feel more confident your dog will choose you over distractions in ANY environment.


This class is a great next step for the Puppy Kinder Level 1 graduate!

Adult Training Classes



Your dog must be comfortable being around other dogs within 10 feet of them.  Excessive barking is not suitable for our basic adult classes. If your dog has a history of barking at dogs on leash, growling or has bitten another dog, please contact us about private training or our Bark Class. All dogs must be in good health and current on vaccines. All ages welcome! Our insurance does not allow the use of prong collars, choke chains, or e-collars (shock, vibrate, stim).

puppy playing with toy in grass

Pawsitive Manners Level 1

8+ months


Have you had your dog for 1 year? 6 years? 4 months? Welcoming home a newly adopted dog? Ready to work on building some Pawsitive Manners for everyday life? Maybe it’s been some time since you’ve taken obedience classes and need a brush up? Just like children, dogs need to continue learning to live happy, healthy lives!  In this intro manners class we work on solidifying a foundation of attention, focus and calmness to help build a wonderful benevolent relationship with you and your dog. You’ll practice skills such as loose leash walking, coming when called, relaxing on a mat, paying attention, improving listening skills and much more so your dog will be the best you’ve ever had!

BONUS:  Add-on private orientation - save now when you register!

dogs with harnesses sitting in the grass

Pawsitive Manners Level 2 

8+ months


Ready to take it up a notch and focus on building even more training success? Join us as we work together on the three D's: Distance, Distractions and Duration!  You’ll see improvement in your dog's sit/stay, down/stay, recall reliability, loose leash walking, calm greetings and go to place skills.


This class is perfect for those clients who have completed our Pawsitive Manners Level 1.  Or Puppy Kinder 1 and are over 8 months of age.

*Current clients: inquire for discounted rate if you book within 30 days of completion of prior class.

Specialty Training Classes

lab dog with harness in grass

Walk With Me

$215 - 4 week class

Tired of your dog leading the walks? Dreading going around the block because your dog pulls? Not sure what to do when your dog doesn't listen on leash? Embarrassed to even step out your front door?


Let's change that!


Join our new "Walk With Me" class focusing on loose leash walking tips and exercises to improve your pup's walking, focus and listening skills on leash.

Your dog will WANT to walk WITH you by the end of the class.  You get the best tips to perfect your dog's attention when distractions happen and tools to teach your dog to stop, turn and follow you for an all around better walking experience.


This 4-week class is limited to only 4 handler teams to allow for more one-on-one attention.  Don’t wait to experience the joy of a fun walk with your pup.

5 months +


5 months and up. Up to date on vaccines. No make-ups offered at this time.  No prong collars, choke chains, or shock collars allowed please.

adult dog sitting in garden

Bark Class

$275 - 5 week class

Embarrassed because your dog barks at every dog you pass? Can't seem to get control of Fido? Maybe your pup is simply just a bit too over-excited and has a difficult time calming down in new environments around other dogs? Lunging, barking, and growling near or around dogs?


If you answered yes to any of these questions this class is for you.


The Bark Classes have you working in a small group of three dogs, and with extra personal attention, but without the cost of private lessons. Just you, your dog and two other teams are in The Bark class. 


The goal is to help teach your dog new associations and how to better cope in their stressful, overwhelming environments. You will also learn leash skills, management skills, recognize the body language needed to get out of difficult situations as well as how to change your dog’s behavior.


Discussion on dog's background prior to enrolling is required. This class is not for dogs reactive to people. For owners who are anxious or concerned about their dog’s safety or their own, displays fear with people or if your dog has a current bite history a private in-home training consult** is recommended.

*No prong collars, choke chains, or shock collars allowed.

Email us to inquire.

black lab laying on mat inside

Sip Sit Stay Brew Class

$200 - 4 week class

Need a paws from the hustle and bustle to enjoy some chill time with your dog?



Join us for our brewery class to learn best practices for a relaxing time with your pup at a local brewery.  Contact us for upcoming classes near you.


Dog may not be reactive in public towards other dogs/people.

Contact us for upcoming classes near you.


20 Minute FREE Discovery Call

Hop on a quick virtual mini-consult call for new clients to discuss your training goals and what service would be the best fit for you and your pup. From there, we help you determine the next best step for getting started.

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