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Online Dog Training

Through a variety of private, self-study or group support options, we can cover any dog training topic needed: preparing for a puppy, therapy work, concerns with reactivity, fear, puppy training, welcoming a new baby, etc.

Online Private Dog Training: Effective at home training

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There are so many benefits to training and learning virtually!

Saves time!

Training from the comfort of your home

Easily schedule sessions across different time zones

Reduces distractions and allows your dog to focus on you and the task

Training conducted by a certified dog trainer

We work with you to explain behavior, breakdown the training process and provide realtime live feedback while you work with your dog. We'll connect using Zoom.

Feedback Tracking &

Goal Sheets

Each session is recorded for you to review on your own time. Tracking sheets are used to outline your training plan goals and achievements online.

Training Support

No matter the problem we are here to offer ongoing support and encouragement via text, email, phone, or Zoom.


Initial Online Training Consultation

All online training sessions start with an initial online training consultation. This provides the chance to meet you and your pet(s) and learn more about your goals.

During the Consultation

Get a jump start on your training with our initial online training consultation with owner and certified trainer Sarah Surritt. We'll connect using Zoom.


  • We'll discuss your expectations and create a training plan for you and your family. 

  • We'll finish our training consult with clear next steps and exercises to practice on your own for getting the well-behaved dog you want. We'll also discuss the most appropriate training plan moving forward for continued support.


60 minutes

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I was shocked when virtual training was more helpful than in person for us!

"We did two virtual sessions with Get Pawsitive and I truly cannot recommend Sarah enough! Especially if you have a rescue. Her approach is positive reinforcement and she just GETS what these dogs need. We had a bad experience with an in person trainer locally so finding her through our rescue Bunnies Buddies was such a gift! And I was shocked when virtual training was more helpful than in person for us because we found the right person and the right approach for us and the boys."

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-Rachel and Gus Virtual Training

Pawsitive Puppy Academy - Self Study

Self Study
puppy sitting on grass wearing harness

The Pawsitive Puppy Training Academy


This 6 week self-paced course allows you to access it 24/7. It is a comprehensive self-study program giving you all you need and more to set you and your new puppy up for success!

Step-by-step videos, tutorials, reading library as well as printables are included for all learning styles. This program does not take the place of in person puppy to puppy playtime but gives you the tools to bring out the best in your new family member so that you can have an amazing relationship.


We’ll teach you how to build a wonderful, benevolent relationship with your puppy while tackling all of those common puppy behaviors that we really don’t want to keep seeing - annoying puppy nipping, chewing inappropriate things, potty issues, digging and jumping. All the while, we will be teaching him a wonderful beginning foundation of focus, attention and calmness through a variety of fun training exercises online that will prepare your puppy for the new world!

pugs sitting on magic mats

The Magic Mat Program


Tired of the jumping, pawing, and barking? Master the power of the Magic Mat Method. Start now and get more freedom during those most hectic times with your dog when you just need a break or want to nix the naughty behaviors. When you complete this self-paced online program your dog will be more eager to self-calm and relax on his own:

  • In the kitchen

  • When guests visit

  • In the office

  • At the Vet's

  • At the local coffee shop

  • Watching tv

  • Taking a shower

  • and more...

Ongoing Monthly Training Support

Facebook Club
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The Pawsitive Training Club

Monthly: $37

Annually: $370 (save 2 months!)

The community that provides the continued support when you need it most so that you can have a well-behaved dog who listens.


New clients and past clients welcome.


Enjoy monthly LIVE training calls with your dog, live training demonstrations, weekly motivation and support in a private Facebook group from certified expert trainer Sarah Surritt plus new tips, tricks and exercises to practice with your puppy or dog.


This is a month-to-month option and you may cancel at any time.


Come join us in The Club!

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20 Minute FREE Discovery Call

Hop on a quick virtual mini-consult call for new clients to discuss your training goals and what service would be the best fit for you and your pup. From there, we help you determine the next best step for getting started.

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