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Understands Dogs and Humans

Sarah really understands dogs and their humans. Her kind, gentle and intelligent approach to training is wonderful. We all learned how to get what we wanted from each other. Sarah's classes are fun and informative and she is so willing to help and answer questions. We loved the small class format and the hands-on approach.

-Becky R.

Guiness World Record Surfing Dog Gets Quick Results

Sarah is one of the most compassionate and empathetic dog trainers I know. I interned with her to become a dog trainer, myself, but had been training dogs for years prior. Some insights she gave me into techniques I had taken for granted were remarkable. Her methods elicit results so quickly. I get real pleasure out of just watching her work and it has made me a better trainer as well. I own and train the Guinness World Record surfing dog, Abbie Girl.

-Mike L

Different From the Old-Fashioned Way

It’s been more than 15 years since I’ve trained a dog and I did it the old-fashioned way with a choke chain, lots of jerking, an occasonal swat, stern NOs, etc. etc. I never felt comfortable using those harsh techniques and knew I wanted to try a different approach with my sweet rescue dog, but had no idea where to begin. Fortunately, I found Patti O’Farrell at Get Pawsitive Dog Training. Patti skillfully communicates with her students so she understands their individual needs and concerns and structures her classes accordingly. I appreciate her enthusiasm, patience, and professionalism. She makes learning fun, providing on-the-spot feedback and helpful suggestions, and enriches her classes with excellent articles and links to videos. Best of all, my confidence has steadily grown over the past few weeks and my relationship with my dog is the best I’ve ever had. Thank you, Patti!
- Mayme Kline, Encinitas

Feral Dog From Mexico Overcomes Her Fears

Sarah was so wonderful and sensitive to my dogs triggers and fears. She turned my dog who was feral in Mexico for years into a confident house pet in no time! Sarah does a wonderful job at explaining exactly how to communicate with your dog efficiently and exactly what we are teaching our dogs to do in a controlled environment will translate into scenarios at home and on walks. With my personal dog, who had never worn a collar or walked on grass before at the age of 4 yrs old, Sarah had her sitting in a matter of minutes, and after a few short weeks, I had a wonderful dog that would pay attention to me and she is always checking in with me to see what I want her to do. Sarah is a wonderful trainer, and her group lessons are very personal, where she learns about everyone dogs and their issues and teaches us how to overcome our individual concerns.

-Ada H.

Bo's Serious Fear Issues

I love Get Pawsitive! They were there when I needed them right after I adopted my little terrier. Having survived a hurricane and living in shelters for months, my dog had serious fear issues, was afraid to be petted and couldn’t even look at a leash much less go out for a walk. Three months later “Bo” is relaxed, happy, walking on his leash, and responsive to learning new things. Patti O’Farrell gets dogs! She has taught me and my husband how to teach Bo In ways that are tailored to his particular issues so we can all be a happy family together. 

-Sue Mcguinness

Caring, Loving, and Great Follow-Up

I was referred to Sarah by a client and she was amazing! I have a Chocolate Lab pup (Kai) and got her started right away at 8 weeks. Sarah was able to engage her right away and Kai seemed to learn very quickly. Learning to reward her for doing good like going outside (to go), it really worked well. Using her clicking technique with the clicker device really got Kai to perform on command. Within a week, she was performing quite well. Kai is now 13 months old and she has never chewed anything up. She is still very much a puppy and wants to play fetch constantly, she's the best behaved dog we've ever had thanks to Sarah. Her follow up was amazing and she really cares and loves what she does.

-Gary C.

Tried Other Classes and Not Going Anywhere Else

This is the second class we have taken with Sarah with my cocker spaniel Stu. In the past, we’ve tried classes with other dog trainers but we’ve come back, and we are not going anywhere else. In class, she spends time with each dog (and owner) and gives great tips on how to improve. She is very patient and very knowledgeable about dog training. If one method didn’t work, she tried another approach. I noticed big improvements with my shy dog Stu and learned how I can approach situations better to help him.  Can't wait to take another class. 


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