The Get Pawsitive team offers dedicated training to volunteers and shelter dogs at Rancho Coastal Humane Society - we call it "Pawsitive Practices.” 


Pawsitive Practices meets every Wednesday at 11:00 am, and every Friday at 11:30 am, to allow volunteers to learn more about animal behavior, training of foundation behaviors as well as addressing and training for common behavioral issues. Hands-on coaching and training with focus and attention to improving visibility are all for the end goal- to increase adoptions.  

Pawsitive Practices

Debbie Noack, one dedicated volunteer and a member of Pawsitive Practices for over 9 years, shares her experiences with us: "Participating in Pawsitive Practices training has been a real eye-opening experience. I grew up with dogs and had them all my life and I can't believe what I didn't know about them. I've learned common things that people do, such as leaning over them or patting them on the top of their head, can often make them uncomfortable or anxious. I've learned they have a complex body language all their own and learning to better understand it can tell us what they are trying to communicate about a situation, person or another dog.

Above and beyond the knowledge I've learned, there is also the amazing training we can do using positive reinforcement. In just a short time with each shelter dog we encounter, we can connect with the dogs and teach them through stress-free methods and they (and us!) can have fun learning.  I've even been able to use what I've learned during Pawsitive Practice sessions to train my own dogs with wonderful results!”  -Debbie Noack, Volunteer Dog Trainer

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